Information exchange: Because sharing is caring!!!

We are glad to announce that we will be sharing a resource compilation linked to Brahmaputra River at the #BRSym !!!

This compilation is just a humble beginning to bring together information linked to the Brahmaputra River. It does not end here…

This compilation is also an open invitation for you to share your research/paper/articles/data/report/videos/photos at the Symposium itself. So if you have information that can be openly shared don’t forget to bring your research and share it with the Symposium volunteers who will upload the same in our system.

We will give you due credit for any information that is shared. If you cannot share the full paper or article do provide the citation so that it will be part of the compilation.

The resource compilation will also be updated on this website, keep watching out.

Don’t forget to bring your research/paper/articles/photo/videos along with you!!!

See you soon.



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