Daming He

Daming He

As a distinguished professor at Yunnan University, Prof. Daming He is the director of Asian International Rivers Center at Yunnan University, and the director of the Key Lab. of International Rivers and Transboundary Eco-security (KLIRTE), Yunnan, China. His multi-disciplinary research and teaching background includes hydrology, water resources, physical geography, and environmental security. Since 1988, his major research has been focusing on utilization, allocation, and management of water resources, EIA of cascade dams, ecosystem change and eco-security in international rivers. He has finished over 50 projects supported by the National Key Basic Research Programme (2003~2008), the National Advanced Technologies R&D Program (2000~2006; 2011-2015), NSFC Key Programme (1997~2000, 2013~2016), National Key Technology Research and Development Program of China (2016-2021), NSFC-ICIMOD (2017-2019) and many international cooperative programs.

Based on these researches, he has jointly published over 200 articles and 16 books; submitted over 40 academic reports which have been used widely; and received over 20 prizes from Chinese government, Yunnan provincial government, and the state associations in China. He also organized or co-organized lots of international and domestic academic conferences on transboundary issues in international rivers. Since 2001, he has greatly facilitated the development of capacity building, education, and academic innovative group of international rivers and trans-boundary eco-security as leading scientists.


(Day One) Session 3: Countries that Share the Basin

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